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Anonymous asked:

I saw your ask and thought this was a bit strange; "They have fight before but Haru was never that affected by it." No offence, but did you not notice how after his (Haru) and Rins race and fight as kids (when Rin returned from Australia for a short while) Haru stopped swimming and got depressed. Like most of first season was about healing after that fight. So I would absolutely say that fights between Haru and Rin is a big deal. :) There's just a difference between bickering and a real fight.

I get what you mean, I wanted to enter into more detail but in asks you have limited words to use… I know Haru was indeed affected, he and Rin were friends after all and fighting with a friend is never something you can shrug off just like that. But even after he won that race when Rin returned and almost made him quit swimming Haru was indeed affected, it did made him quit swimming competitively, but when he had this fight with Makoto (who is his best friend like Rin and Sosuke are)  he was a lot more depressed because they have been close for years and grew up together, it was their first fight and a big one about a very serious thing they are both sad. Haru was in Australia and didn’t just rushed to the ocean like he would have done normally he even stopped wearing his swimsuit like always. That’s what I really meant to say in the ask but as I said tumblr didn’t gave enough space for me to write it with detail :) 

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